3 keys to progress on the piano

One of the most incredible sensations you can experience, without a doubt, is that emotion of starting to learn what you always wanted: how to play the piano, your favorite instrument.

And of course, when you start your classes, you have that interest in making progress as soon as possible.

For this reason, today I want to share with you 3 keys to progress on the piano.

You will see how easy it is to advance in your instrument, if you become constant and also apply these tips that are very effective for your musical training:

1) Review the theory

The first of the 3 keys to progress on the piano is to study the theory.

As in all learning, theory is the basis for you to achieve your goals.

This means that it is vital for your progress on the piano to internalize all the necessary knowledge to:

Adopt a good posture at the piano, at all times and naturally.

Apply a correct fingering, when playing the instrument.

Recognize the notes on the staff (to be able to read scores).

Knowing, for example, to which composer one or another piece of music belongs, etc.

Remember that, with a good theoretical base, you will be able to take more advantage of your piano practice and be able to advance steadily.

2) Practice daily

Taking into account the importance of studying theory, we move on to the next key to making progress with your instrument: practice.

For you to make musical progress on the piano, you need to practice conscientiously, every day.

But do not worry! There is no need to rehearse for hours upon hours.

In fact,  to begin with, it is best to do small practices of 15 minutes.

This is ideal to avoid becoming overwhelmed or stuck.

And rather, with short and effective practice sessions, you will be able to form the good habit of rehearsing what you have learned on your piano and you will gain agility on the instrument.

Of course, try that in that time you use to review what you have learned, you do not have interruptions of any kind.

For this, find a time of day when you know you can concentrate better (it can be early in the morning; or at night, after putting your little ones to bed).

We also recommend setting up a place or room in your house, exclusively for practicing, where you will place your keyboard or piano, along with the tools you use to learn (laptop, sheet music folder, book, etc.).

3) Stay in constant contact with the music

Nothing better than staying in constant contact with music to cultivate your love for this beautiful art.

And as a pianist in training, something that will help you broaden your knowledge and progress in music is learning about a wide variety of composers who have stood out throughout history,.

Knowing the work of these masters of classical music will help you develop your creativity and, of course, expand your knowledge.

You can also explore other musical genres that use the piano, such as Salsa, Rock, Pop, etc.

Remember that music, in all its versions, is a valuable contribution to your training.

Take advantage of the web to watch videos, concerts and even attend virtual events, or in the most convenient modality for you and thus delight yourself and discover a diversity of repertoires.

It can even serve as a source of inspiration to create your own art.

So, now that you know these 3 keys to progress on the piano, it’s time to start fulfilling your dream and learn to play your favorite instrument.


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