3 reasons to learn piano as an adult

Did you know that an adult can also enjoy all the benefits of playing the piano?

Perhaps, until now, you had believed that learning this musical instrument could only contribute to the comprehensive training of children, either because it develops their motor skills, or because music is an infallible tool to channel all that extra energy, typical of children. little ones in the house.

Or that perhaps it was an activity that could only be used up to a certain age, in youth, because you believed that a lot of time was needed to be able to study and practice.

Good news!

Yes, it is possible to learn piano as an adult and obtain many benefits!

In addition, there are numerous ways in which this noble instrument can contribute to your well-being (even from your first lesson!) And best of all, these benefits last over time, if you practice constantly.

But to go into details, today you will know 3 of the most powerful reasons to start learning piano right now, if you are an adult.

Much more, if playing this instrument has been the dream of your whole life and you thought it was already “too late to learn”.

1) Improve your cognitive abilities and your memory

When playing a musical instrument, your brain is fully activated, since a series of connections between neurons are produced that are not normally made with any of the daily activities.

This happens because, for example, to be able to play a musical piece on the piano, several tasks are carried out simultaneously:

You read sheet music (this implies understanding a different language than the one you use on a daily basis).

You simultaneously translate what you read (the score) into the action of playing the instrument and make precise movements to obtain the sounds you are reading.

While viewing the score, you are playing the piano with your hands, but you are also activating the instrument’s pedals .

In addition, you are listening to the sounds you produce and intentionally, you use the learned technique (what you studied) and perform the interpretation, which is like your personal stamp, when playing a melody.

And if you are not using a score, it means that you are currently playing the repertoire from memory.

It’s really amazing what happens when you play the piano.

And the best thing is that all these skills that you are developing, you can take advantage of to apply them in your daily life.

In the case of memory, this achieves a notable improvement since, by learning the different songs and musical works, you manage to exercise your ability to retain information, something very useful for adult life.

Likewise, concentration levels are increased.

This is so because the multiple tasks that are performed when playing the piano (at a mental and physical level), require our full attention.

Imagine how beneficial it will be if you can concentrate more easily for your meetings, telecommuting, or any other activity for which you have to be 100% focused.

And let’s not forget creativity!

It is proven that music promotes creative processes.

This means that it will be easier for you to solve problems, since your ability to devise solutions will be at its maximum capacity.

For all this and more, you can be sure that learning the piano will offer you countless advantages that you can take advantage of to make any aspect of your life easier.

2) Protects you from diseases

This is another very powerful reason to start your piano lessons right now.

As you know, playing the piano involves making precise movements with your fingers, which move along the keys to produce the most beautiful sounds.

This daily exercise, even if it’s only for 15 minutes to start with, gradually develops strength and agility in your fingers, which allows you to take care of your joints and therefore protect yourself from diseases such as arthritis.

It’s like the most complete gym for your arms, wrists, hands and fingers, with the difference that you will surely enjoy this activity three times as much.

More benefits?

Of course!

The mental exercise that is carried out when playing the musical instrument is quite complex, since it combines:

  • Comprehensive reading.
  • Attention.
  • Concentration.
  • And memory.

Therefore, continuous piano practice directly stimulates the brain and keeps it active, which is why it represents extra protection against neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s.

So if you’re interested in getting that extra bit of help in maintaining good health now and in the future, learning piano is a great option to help you strengthen your skills.


3) It relieves you of stress

Today, more than ever, the levels of stress that an adult manages are above normal.

And is not for less.

We are experiencing a situation that challenges our resilience and keeps us constantly alert to everything we do, when we are forced to leave home.

Ironically, at the same time, we yearn for that freedom of mobility that we enjoyed before the pandemic.

Being able to go out and visit family; travel, or enjoy our favorite places, with total peace of mind.

It is for this reason that it becomes so necessary to have tools that give you back that feeling of well-being and relaxation.

Precisely, music is one of the most effective.

Did you know that learning piano is one of the most recommended activities to relieve stress?

This is so because the practice of a musical instrument helps in the production and transport of dopamine, which is a neurotransmitter that generates a feeling of well-being.

Surely you have been able to feel up close, or through the news, how music has become a true balm to cope with these difficult times and has been a great help to people around the world.

And it is that playing a musical instrument has the power to release tension and even improve people’s mood.

The level of concentration that occurs while learning piano will help you disconnect, for a moment, from all those problems that worry you, to delight yourself with the beautiful sound of your favorite songs.

In short, if you learn to play the piano, you will be able to reduce stress, which will be of great help in keeping your immune system in optimal condition.

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