7 String Jazz Guitar – George Van Eps Played Like No One Else!

George Van Eps was conceived in Plainfield, N.J. on August 7, 1913, and came from an exceptionally melodic family unit. His father was Fred Van Eps who was the most notable 5 string banjoist of his day. His mom was an uncommon old style and jazz piano player. George’s first instrument was the banjo which he began to play at 9 years old after an episode of rheumatic fever had driven him away from school.

When he was 12 he was an individual from the Plainfield Musicians Union. The base age for the association was 16 however Van Eps was offered an extraordinary concession. Because of the reality of his magnificent melodic aptitudes. At 14 years old, inspired by guitar player Eddie Lang, he changed over to playing the guitar.

George Van Eps played with The Smith Ballew Band from 1929 – 1931 and with The Freddy Martin Band from 1931 – 1933. Joining The Benny Goodman Orchestra was his first tremendous break which came in 1934. This carried his guitar aptitudes to the consideration of jazz fans everywhere on the world. George was additionally a mainstream educator of the jazz guitar.

George Van Eps Joined The Ray Noble Band:

Among his various students was Allan Reuss who later took his situation in The Benny Goodman Orchestra. In 1936 Van Eps joined The Ray Noble Band, an affiliation that endured on and off till 1941. During this time in his life, he moved to Hollywood where he transformed into perhaps. The busiest guitarist in the Los Angeles film and live radio business.

During World War II Van Eps left the music business for a short an ideal opportunity to help his dad in working his chronicle hardware processing plant in Plainfield, New Jersey. The industrial facility was a significant supplier of things fundamental for the war exertion. In 1944 George was indeed playing with The Ray Noble Band and connected with a wide range of recording studio work. He additionally conspicuously highlighted on numerous chronicles with The Paul Weston Orchestra.

George Van Eps played and recorded since 1938 on a 7 string guitar which was an instrument that he planned in the last part of the 1930s. The Epiphone Guitar Company assented to assemble him a guitar to his plan and in 1938 Van Eps got his absolute initial 7 string guitar from them. From that time on he just played the 7 string guitar which has an additional bass string tuned to a low “A”.

The Gretsch Guitar Company

In later occasions, he was associated with building up a line of 7 string guitars created by. The Gretsch Guitar Company to his unique specs. His nonstop advancement of and experimentation with the 7 string guitar has been . An awesome inspiration to numerous other guitar players including Bucky Pizzarelli, Howard Morgen, and Ted Greene. Van Eps similarly planned a string damper which assists with eliminating input. He portrayed his technique for solo jazz guitar playing as dealing with the instrument like a “lap piano”.

For a few years George Van Eps resigned from the music calling. IN 1955 he opened, along with his companion, a leisure activity store which sold models in Glendale, California. This store shut down in 1963 and since that time Van Eps’ association. With the guitar gradually wound up being more impressive than any time in recent memory. His exceptionally acclaimed milestone 3 volume arrangement “Symphonious Mechanisms For Guitar” delivered by Mel Bay Publications. In later years he copied with 7 string guitarist Howard Alden for the Concord Record Label and visited overall giving exhibitions and expert classes.

George Van Eps is respected by most of driving guitarists as one of the genuine “establishing fathers” of the advanced jazz guitar. His harmonies and melodic thoughts are energizing and rousing! His way to deal with guitar, recorded music, showing ability. Just as his plan and advancement of the 7 string guitar are a suffering demonstration of his unique and tremendous gifts. Together they ensure that George Van Eps will perpetually be a genuine legend among jazz guitarists. George died on November 29, 1998 at 85 years old.

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