Best Songs By Britney Spears

Best Songs By Britney Spears – Millennials’ View!

The recent Buzz is around Britney’s conservatorship and the entire world wishes and shouts out #Freebritney. We knew many a time how sweet is the pop queen and who never fails to impress us. Britney makes us surrender to her panache in almost all her songs and we can’t resist listening to her over and over. A couple of songs by her disappointed the fans and routed to controversial elements. So, let’s have a look at the best songs by Britney Spears, as per Millennials’ view.

Here is the list of Top 5 Best Songs Of All Time by Britney Spears:

#5 Lucky

How can ”Lucky” be not part of this list? Well, yes, Lucky is one among the very few Britney songs where we witness a calm and sad Britney portrayal. With her amazing voice and cute emotions, many Britney fans hailed Britney for her salient performance. It’s been 20 years, yet, we could still see drastic YouTube Views for this great song of all time.

#4 Piece Of Me

“Piece of Me” is another great masterpiece by the pop queen. It was undoubtedly a controversial time for Britney, where she was fluttered by Paparazzi for every single step of her life. She cleverly brought in to picture of her life situation in this song. Again, the music and choreography were unbeatable, like how she usually carries away.

#3 Toxic – Best Songs By Britney Spears

“Toxic” is the only Britney song that earned her a Grammy award for the best dance recording category. Some say that none had ever imagined that sort of production quality in the early 2000s. Still, it is one of the best choices of remixing and partying. Britney had literally blown away all the records with her aura and perfection.

#2 Gimme More

“It’s Britney B****”, the most popular phase of Britney’s 2000 era. The peppiest club song offered by Britney for her fans! Definitely, she never failed to impress with her unique vocal tone and subtle dance moves. Charming would be an understatement for this song as we could see Britney’s smile throughout the song.

#1 Baby One More Time – Best Songs By Britney Spears

Probably, the only song of this century which we can’t even compare with any other songs we knew. The whole wide world was whining around “Baby One More Time” when her debut song was released. Despite Britney producing a huge number of tracks post this, fans still literally can’t come over this track. Everyone is so much into it and I’m so much into it. So many impersonators, look-alike missions started swarming around the globe. The reason being, Britney sings “Hit Me Baby One More Time..”

Those are the top 5 best songs by Britney Spears, on my list!

Spears have proven to surprise like this throughout the course of her 20-plus-year journey, producing stage recordings and style moments that are being talked about today. She left an indelible mark from both the late 1990s and the mid-2000s, the latter of which is coming to a close in just a few months. Her singing, of course, is the most visible manifestation of her presence, next to Madonna.


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