Can you cover all musical genres with the piano?

Playing the piano is a skill that you can develop at any stage of your life, even as an adult, and it brings you countless benefits in the short and long term:

It helps you channel stress and keeps you in a good mood.

Strengthen your memory.

It protects you against diseases, such as Alzheimer’s, arthritis, etc.

In addition, it offers you a range of options to explore many musical genres, from which you can select your favorite and perfect it, according to the goals you set for yourself.

Did you know that, in fact, you can play almost all musical genres on the piano?

Next, I will tell you about some of the best known that you can learn on the piano and with which you can challenge yourself, have fun and thus enhance your knowledge and creativity to the fullest.

1) Classic genre

The classical genre is the quintessential piano style.

Of course, it is one of the basic and rich teachings of musical language, since you have a large amount of information at hand, excellent compositions to practice and it is one of the best ways to learn about the evolution of Music, through History. .

Until a few decades ago, this was the only thing taught in music academies.

But today, quality music education has opened the doors to various musical genres, which will make you a versatile and avant-garde musician.

Of course, interpreting classical music on the piano does not lose its validity, due to its great elegance and the level of demand that it requires from the student.

2) Popular music

Popular music is another option you can explore on the piano.

The advantage of this is that it offers you a very wide repertoire, which you can access regardless of the level of execution you have.

You can have a wide variety of artists and have material to enjoy a moment of relaxation, either alone or with the family; teach what you have learned to your children, etc.

3) Soundtracks

If you are a movie fan, you will surely be interested in learning to play the soundtrack of your favorite movies on the piano.

It is one of the most interesting ways to develop your talent and have fun listening and learning compositions created especially for the big screen.

9 out of 10 soundtracks are composed for piano, so you have a whole world of scores to discover, to delight yourself playing on your piano.

Some movies in which this beautiful instrument becomes the protagonist are “Grand Piano” (2013) and “La La Land” (2016).

4) Urban and electronic music

Although it may seem incredible to you, many urban artists have extensive musical knowledge and some, at the time of writing, do so in the company of a piano.

This means that it is not far from reality to think of including this beautiful musical instrument when creating, for example, a rap.

Another case is also that of electronic music.

This genre, which was already heard around the world around the 1970s, has the peculiarity of being able to adapt to the piano.

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