Claudio Arrau

Claudio Arrau – Among The Best Pianists Of The Century

Claudio Arrau, a Chilean musician born on February 6th, 1903 near Chillan, first gained notice at the age 5 when he performed a concert in Santiago, cementing his position as a musical prodigy. Following two years of training with Paoli, the Chilean government-sponsored his admission to Berlin’s Stern Academy, where he had previously played once when he was 11 years old. Martin Krause, pianist sole Liszt pupil at the period and a key figure in Arrau’s creative approach, was his lone instructor in this town.

Claudio Arrau – Awards And Accolades

Claudio Arrau won many honors throughout his five-year study, including the Ibach Award as well as the Gustav Hollander Prize. His first travels took him across Europe and the middle east, and then the Eurozone in 1918. He received the Liszt Prize multiple times, in 1919 but also in 1920, after a thirty year wait. The 17 year old musician has already performed with orchestras including conductors throughout the world, including Wilhelm Furtwangler as well as Arthur Nikisch. During a tour to South And central America in 1921, he delivered highly successful performances in Europe and South America. He embarked on a trip of the Americas in the year 1923.

Immense And Delightful Artistic Personality

Claudio Arrau had become an instructor at the Stern Academy in 1924, where he remained through 1940. During 1927, he received first place in the Grand Prix Global des Pianists in Switzerland. It was a competition judged by such notable artists as Arthur Rubinstein as well as Alfred Cortot.

A series of concerts in which he covers the whole piano works of classical pieces of his creative endeavor. In Germany, he performed twelve evenings of Johann Sebastian Bach’s keyboard compositions around 1935. Following that, he excluded from Bach since he thought the performance on the modern symphonic grand was insufficient. The piano compositions of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart piqued his attention a year later. This continued until he paid respect to a full rendering of Franz Schubert’s piano compositions in 1937.

Piano Institute And Beethoven’s Piano Sonatas – Claudio Arrau

Claudio Arrau fled The country in 1940 to establish a piano-playing college in Chile. He relocated to York City with his wife, vocalist Ruth Schneider, and his two children barely a year afterwards. A sequence of full performances of Beethoven’s symphonies in New york And London, televised by the BBC during 1952, was among the peaks of his rigorous concert career with over a dozen appearances every year. His worldwide tours are focused on Romantic-era works.
He founded the Claudio Arrau Association in 1967 to help future composers. Alongside Peters Musikverlag, he began republishing Beethoven’s piano concertos in 1973.

Featuring In Series And EMI Classics

The series References, among many other things, includes reference versions of Brahms concertos featuring Carlo Maria Giulini. EMI Classics presented Claudio Arrau’s creative contribution. Claudio Arrau has been included in the Classic Collection DVD-Video series, which features rare type of media from some of the world’s most prestigious broadcasting organizations.

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