Didgeridoo – The Oldest And Coolest Musical Instrument!

Have you ever heard of Didgeridoo? Well, Didgeridoo is the ancientest known musical device in history. Not all the time we hear about such rare musical instruments. To add more curiosity, it has been used in some of the famous songs as well.

Origin of Didgeridoo

This musical instrument with a peppy name got roots in Northern Australia. Around 1500 years ago, Australian aboriginal people were predominantly playing it. It was being used as the base for some of the modern instruments like trumpet, trombone, or tuba. The word didgeridoo is of Australian aboriginal linguistic origin where did-gery-d0 means a hollow bamboo.

We could see we mostly associated it with other original instruments of aboriginals like Bamboo, pumpu, bambu, and Kambu.

How to play?

They usually play didgeridoo similar to other wind instruments, but one should have amazing lip vibrating skills. We should use a new form of breathing called Circular breathing. Thus, the blow and the momentum keep sounding better and better the more we stress lip vibrations. Come on guys, it’s the oldest instrument ever, and obviously, there should be a high skill and technique behind playing this instrument.

The shape of the instrument is normally around 1 to 3 m long. Also, we can even differentiate the design in terms of flared and unflared instruments. We believe the flared instruments produce a higher pitch while playing when compared to the other type.

Popular Didgeridoo Songs

Charlie McMahon was designing the didjeribone, a gliding didgeridoo fashioned from two pieces of tubing. Its style of play is reminiscent of that of a trombonist. Charlie was the first non-aboriginal didgeridoo who was starting to play to let the world know of its amazing sound.

British kid’s TV show called Blue Peter used compositions of Didgeridoo. Bands like Test Dept and Jamiroquai and Like a storm (Chris Brooks) have also made some popular compositions with this great musical instrument.

Health Benefits

Learning and playing the didgeridoo, according to a 2005 research published in a UK-based medical Journal, helped to minimize snoring as well as severe sleep disorders by improving bronchial tissues and lowering their propensity to contract during rest. The individuals were learning and practicing the instrument’s skills, incorporating circular breathing as well as other skills, as part of the research.

Facts Of Didgeridoo

As we had discussed earlier, it was the oldest of the musical instruments we knew to date. They make the instrument up of eucalyptus tree wood along with termites hollowed out. Earlier, Didgeridoo was being there during major ceremonies by the aboriginal people of Australia. But, right now, we can see it in almost all forms of music such as blues, pop, rock, jazz, punk & rap.

Another interesting fact is that the aboriginal people highly believed that didgeridoo was a male instrument. Subsequently. a belief prevailed that a female might face some fertility issues if she was playing the instrument.

Hope this was helpful in knowing about Didgeridoo! Thank you!

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