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Guitar Covers – From Iconic Movies & TV Series

So, if you’re playing guitar and just want a new perspective, have a look at these clips for ideas. Why not get some guitar charts and chord tabs and practice playing some famous Tv and film themes for oneself and while you’re at? These were some of the finest guitar covers of classic TV shows and films.

Unique Compilations From Guitar

It all felt right when I pondered about it further. If you only attend to rock and blues music, you’ll notice that the same harmonic patterns, chords, and ratios appear repeatedly. However, cinematic music provided him with a different source of inspiration, which contributed to Toska’s distinct sound. So, here are my best guitar covers I am blown away with. If you have any suggestions, please let me know in the comments sections.

Star Wars – Best Among Guitar Covers

‘Beyond the Guitar’ by Nathan Mills is among the must-listen guitar covers for all guitar aspirants. He blasts his path through several of Williams’ most notable Star Wars compositions in this remarkable, albeit grueling, nine-minute mashup. Then again, the fanfare from 20th Century Fox is played. Yeah, and he does it all in Star Wars costuming from the movies. You can’t even blame him for his commitment!

John Williams is a maestro of film music, and that there are many other classic pieces of tunes in the Star Wars trilogy is a monument to his brilliance. Obviously, this poses a dilemma for guitarists. That what piece of Star Wars soundtrack do you record if we are covering one?

Eddie Van Der Meer – Theme From Game Of Thrones

The Game of Thrones theme by Ramin Djawadi changed the way we think regarding mythical film and tv soundtracks. It was particularly designed to defy the woodwind and violin-led tropes of magical music and depict the harshness of the land of Daenerys, alternating between different chords and using the viola as the principal instrument. The outcome was an immediate classic, perfect for a show, as it is one of the best guitar covers.

And guess what? Eddie Van Der Meer shows how well that epic theme adapts to guitar. It’s a terrific take of Djawadi’s now-iconic theme, orchestral, grandiose, and sprawling, and it’ll have you grabbing for your guitar.

The Lord Of the Rings – A Mind-blowing Guitar Medley – Guitar Covers

I filled the Lord of the Rings music by Howard Shore with amazing moments. Concerning Hobbits (known as the Shire Theme)–the bit of music that connects us to Gollum, Hobbit, and the pastoral paradise of Hobbiton–is probably the most beautiful. It contrasts beautifully with several of the more expansive and epic orchestral cues that precede it in the total 9-hour duration of The Lord of the Rings.

With all of this in mind, it should go without saying that it also works well on bass guitar, as YouTuber Guitars & Dragons discovered. His rendition of Shore’s melody is fantastic, and it perfectly conveys the essence of Tolkien’s universe.

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