How do I know if my child is making progress with their music classes?

One of the greatest satisfactions is knowing that you are contributing in the best way to the integral formation of your little one, through music, a gift that will leave valuable learning for life.


We are aware of your genuine interest in knowing that the musical education your child receives will pay off.

For this reason, it is normal that you, as a mother / father concerned about giving the best to your little one, want to have that certainty that he is really learning and taking advantage of all the knowledge he receives in his classes.

So, surely you are wondering:

How can I be sure that my son is making progress with his music classes?

To know if your little one is progressing on his instrument, it is very important that the music academy can offer you several ways in which you can check each advance.

Today I want to let you know 3 ways in which you can check that your child is learning his favorite instrument correctly and is making real musical progress.

1) Videos that show progress

A good music academy should keep you up to date on what your child is learning and the progress they have made on their study instrument.

A practical way in which you can learn this information is through videos sent by their teacher, with demonstrations of your little one playing on the musical instrument.

Thus, you will periodically receive videos that you can even compare to show the real results of your music classes.

In the case of online classes, you can accompany your little one, to see the content they are studying and how they are gaining experience on their instrument.

Nothing better than being able to witness your child’s musical evolution and their dedication to studying and practicing, in order to advance steadily.

How do we help you know the progress of your little one?

Which is the sending of videos directly to your cell phone, with demonstrations that your little one will perform on his musical instrument, so that you know in detail what he is learning and how he is progressing on his instrument.

The boys love it! Because it is also a beautiful memory of his musical growth that, in addition, you can share with your loved ones.

The video is accompanied by important recommendations from your child’s teacher, to reinforce what has been learned.

This way you will have evidence, throughout the year, of how your little one advances and manages to achieve goals, while training as a performing musician.

2) Evaluations, to measure the level of knowledge

Another way to ensure your little one’s progress is through assessments.

Just like in a school, a good music academy should measure the progress of its students.

So it is very important that your child can take several assessments throughout the year to record their progress and how well they are fixing the knowledge.

In terms of music, it is essential to evaluate both theoretical and practical knowledge (in the instrument) and that these can be qualified, to know what needs to be reinforced, to improve.

In the evaluations, your child will put their theoretical knowledge to the test, one of the bases for correct musical learning.

In juried exams (which you can attend), your child presents a song in front of a jury, made up of their teacher and a guest teacher.

Both qualify the presentation of your little one based on important criteria in the formation of a musician, such as:

  • Music theory and reading.
  • Technique.
  • Repertoire.
  • Class performance .
  • And the assistance.

At the end, the teachers will provide their recommendations, always aimed at continuous improvement.

Once your child takes their test, you’ll be able to review their results in our grade book, an organized system for keeping track of their grades.

How does your child benefit from taking his jury exam?

Refresh the knowledge learned so far.

Reinforce areas where you might need a little more practice.

Performing in front of an audience (teachers and their representative) will help you gain confidence on stage.

The evaluation allows your child to fix and accumulate essential knowledge to pass the level and the year.

There is no doubt that, with the help of the evaluations, you will be sure of how your child takes advantage of his music classes and will obtain the results that you expect.

3) Presentations before an audience, to see the results

A good musician must appear in public.

This is an important part of your training, because in this way, you will gain confidence when showing your talent before an audience.

For this reason, the music academy where your little one studies should offer you several options throughout the year to be able to perform, either as a soloist or in a group.

Also, just imagine the joy you will feel when you can demonstrate your talent on a theater stage and see you sitting in the audience, waiting for your presentation, while you show off and receive everyone’s loving applause.

Would you like your child to live this beautiful experience, as the protagonist?


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