How to choose a guitar for beginners?

The guitar is one of the most chosen instruments to enter the musical world or to develop a talent. There are different types of guitars, whether we want a more acoustic and serene sound or a more energetic and rock sound.

Must Remember these Factors when choosing a guitar

When we want to start playing the guitar, many times we think that we should simply ask for one or choose the most beautiful one; however, it is not that simple, since choosing a guitar without knowing certain things can make it more difficult for us to learn or that in the end it is not what we thought.

So below we will show you the factors to take into account to choose the right guitar.

Define the type of music you want to play

Depending on the type of music you listen to , you can see if the guitar is used in it and choose that type. You may ask yourself: what genre of music would I like to play? Are there songs by any band or artist that you want to perform? What songs do I see myself playing?

Once you have defined the music you want to play , you already have where to start and which guitar to choose. For example:

If you like flamenco, bolero, jazz or classical music you can try a flamenco or classical guitar . For these genres, nylon strings are ideal as they provide a warm and deep sound. This is one of the most adaptable to various genres.

Acoustic guitars are very well known; with them you can play genres such as country, blues, ballads, pop or alternative rock. Its steel strings give it a sharper, sharper sound. These types of instruments are great as beginner guitars ; since it covers rhythmic genres but they are also perfect with slow songs and acoustic versions.

With these guitars we will obtain the strong, aggressive and energetic sounds that characterize these musical genres. But we must bear in mind that together with the guitar we must acquire a musical amplifier.

Observe the condition of the instrument

Whether buying a brand new guitar or second hand ; You have to be aware of the conditions in which you find yourself. For this we must make sure:

That it does not have bumps or scratches ; in such a case the price must fall.

Check that the strings are not too far from the mast; since this will make us have to apply more pressure to play and it will be more painful.

Make sure the guitar body has no bumps, indentations, etc.; as well as that the mast is not curved.

Observe that the bridge is not semi-separated from the box; since at any moment it can come loose and we would spend more money to fix it.

Must find out what material is used in Guitar

Guitars are normally made of wood. This is the preferred material for this instrument; since the wood achieves that the vibration that causes the sound has the perfect tone in each note.

However, we must pay attention to what type of wood the guitar we will choose is made of; this will influence the sound quality. The most used are:

Maple: has excellent strength and flexibility properties. It is especially used in acoustic guitars for the generation of high and medium treble tones.

Mahogany: Mostly used on electric guitars ; sometimes together with alloys of synthetic materials that give this instrument the tone it requires. This wood is dense and very resistant, with a very beautiful dark color.

Koa: it is the excellent wood of excellent quality guitars . The most expensive guitars are made with this material.

Spruce: Spruce wood provides a warm, crisp sound , perfect for classical or Spanish guitars. Despite this, it is a fragile material and requires great care.

Pine: it is a very common wood and used in guitars and low-end instruments; so it is very economical , but requires a lot of care.

When choosing a guitar of any material, it is necessary to verify that it has a quality certificate label ; so whatever the wood, it guarantees that it was produced in optimal conditions.

We hope that these tips will help you choose the guitar of your dreams and that you will be able to learn in the best way to play the genre of music that you prefer ; and with effort to develop this beautiful skill.

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