Most Expensive Pianos

Most Expensive Pianos In The World – Just Unbelievable!

Have you ever wondered about the most expensive pianos on the planet? While we may be busy scheduling and learning our piano lessons, we definitely need to know this.

What are the costly pianos around the globe?

Galaxy Piano (#5) – Among Most Expensive Pianos

This piano, which costs $1.36 million, is indeed among the most expensive pianos played in the world. It has curved keys, an automated shutter, and even a 24-carat gold-plated fiberglass chassis. This is yet another piano, with just five ever made, but unless you’re willing to buy one, you’ll have to locate the proprietors and negotiate a price yourself.

Since then, the Galaxy pianos described fit under the conventional piano class. They’re pricey and unique in style, but neither the price nor the amount of luxury cannot hold on to. Even though Galaxy pianos are custom-built, naming one that falls into the super-expensive category is tough.

Steinway & Sons Piano – RED (#4)

In the fourth position, we see another Steinway & Sons magical piece. Bono, the lead vocalist of U2, was the inspiration for this striking red and white harpsichord. He intended the firm to develop anything real that would be the focus of attention only at New York Red Bidding. It was really a nonprofit that aimed to aid Africans in the battle against AIDS, malaria, and tuberculosis.

No one can dispute that when performed by a master performer, the instrument can produce spectacular effects. Red Pops for Grand Parlor piano is among the most expensive pianos with a whopping $1.92 million.

Steinway & Sons Piano – Harmony Concert Grand (#3)

This piano took several months to construct, which isn’t strange considering the 40 various types of wood carvings. The painting on the lid is by Chinese artist Shi Qi. We could see that Rosewood, Ashwood, and ebony are among the woods being utilized. It’s worth a whopping $1.63 million.

This brand is quite popular among professional pianists. Hence, there is no doubt why we witness another piano type by this brand among the top lists.

John Lennon Z Model by Steinway (#2) – Most Expensive Pianos

Sans John Lennon’s identity in the title, you do not know how this ordinary, weathered brown, standup Steinway ended up at second position on the list. This piano auctioned for $2.27 million not just because John had played its ivory notes, but it really is the instrument on which he composed the famous track “Imagine.”

Whether you believe the piano is by far the most ideal instrument or otherwise not, you will acknowledge it is a magnificent design.

Crystal Piano (#1) – Heintzman Creation

Everything with the word “crystal” in the title is guaranteed to be pricey. They completely composed this translucent work of art of crystal.

Who has been the lucky performer in the Olympics mostly on Crystal Piano? Of course, it’s none apart from Lang Lang, the world’s most famous pianist!

Things apart, Let’s be firm on our piano lessons and dedicate a good time to improve our piano skills with great progression. Passion to play the piano matters the most than the price of the piano. Isn’t it?

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