Music helps build your child’s character

Did you know that music helps shape your child’s character?

That’s how it is!

This is one of many advantages that your little one will obtain when learning to play a musical instrument.

Of course, to better understand the great contribution of music in the comprehensive development of your child, it is necessary to first know what character is:

It is defined as the set of qualities of a person, which distinguishes them by their way of being or acting.

These qualities can be acquired, that is, the environment and experiences greatly influence how it is built.


Why do we say that music is important in shaping character?

Below, I will explain 3 of the main reasons why continuous musical practice is essential for the growth of your little one:

1) Helps manage emotions and develop patience

Throughout their education, a music student faces several challenges:

I f you are a beginner, you must learn a new language, from scratch.

This means that you must study the theory very well, in order to understand the scores and play what you read on your instrument.

For any of the learning levels, you must know and apply technical aspects of your musical instrument, necessary for a good performance.

And of course, you’ll need to practice regularly on your studio instrument.

Precisely,  this last point will help your child reinforce virtues such as patience.

For example, when preparing a song, he/she will learn that things will not always work out on the first try, but that they must practice continuously to obtain the expected results.

At the same time, your little one will learn to manage emotions such as:

  • Frustration (for example, when there are parts of a song that are difficult, or if you do not win a music contest).
  • Fear (if you are nervous before a presentation), etc.
  • The activities of musical learning will teach you to react in a better way to circumstances that challenge you, showing optimism and security.

In summary, music is essential to cultivate good qualities in your child and the best thing is that these will serve him for life.

2) Reinforces discipline and perseverance

Playing an instrument will help your child reinforce discipline, since he will be able to acquire good habits, such as:

  • Allocate time for your homework and organize yourself for your daily practice at home.
  • Study the theory to apply it to your instrument and make progress.
  • In addition, he will learn to listen carefully and follow instructions, which will help him improve his behavior.
  • As for perseverance, your little one will learn not to give up in the face of obstacles and will know the importance of making an effort to achieve their goals.

Remember that music requires dedication to make real progress.

For that reason it is one of the most recommended activities to cultivate perseverance in your little one.

And as a result of this training, you will get excellent results: an incredible sense of achievement, achieving your goals, which will greatly increase your self-esteem.

How else does music help build your child’s character?

Let’s see.

3) Helps to socialize better and work as a team

Music is a language, therefore, it is an additional tool that your little one will have to express their thoughts and emotions.

This is one of the reasons why learning an instrument is one of the best activities to overcome shyness.

In addition, being a universal language, music facilitates the connection between people.

Therefore, it will give your child the opportunity to make lots of friends, while having the most fun and cultivating their talents.

Also, group work in class (or for a presentation), in which each student plays an important role and contributes with their skills, is ideal for promoting teamwork.

These qualities will undoubtedly be of great use to your son now and in his future life.

As you can see, music is the most complete activity to develop and reinforce many qualities in your little one.

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