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Play Music – Tips To Practice Music Compose

You are here means you are looking for some ways to get better at play music. You have composed some initial bits and pieces and you are excited to move forward. Whether you are happy with what you have created so far, you know that there is always an area for improvement.

But the question is: How to play music to get better at it? You need to practice the music composition, and this practice plan must be a combo of different musical exercises and activities functioning together.

As with anything else, the more practice you do, the better you will become at. It is just how our bodies and brains work. Here are some tips that you can follow to practice music composition to get even better.

Compose something daily when you play music

The perfect method to ensure that you maximumly use your abilities is to use them. It is a simple yet important suggestion. Compose a piece of music daily. It doesn’t have to be complete or overgenerous, instead simply write your thoughts on a paper disc, tape, etc. Make music composing a component of your everyday life. Everything may not be perfect, but this practice will cause some pieces and bits that you can transform later into something extraordinary.

Mimic other composers when you play music

The easiest method and excellence is to go into the other composer’s mind. Many composers learn by imitating the writing styles of their favorite songs. Choose the composer you appreciate the most and try to compose in their style. Mimicking the composition without copying it directly is a hard task than it appears. But this exercise will let you know more about music and how others think and what this means to you.

Try other composition forms and styles that you ignore

Irrespective of your talent level, try this: select an amiable tone such as Row Row Row Your Boat or any other simple one and try to compose different versions in many styles and forms such as jazz, rap, new age, orchestral. Experiment freely with chords, structure, countermelodies, and more without worrying about the melody, while you play music.

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Get help from a renowned expert

Look for a tutor to check your work when you play music. Constructive criticism, aim opinions, and helpful advice will help you see the clear picture regarding your music composition, and provide you with insight into your work. You can get a professional assessment.

Create your sample and direct it to the market

Once you keep on following the tips given above diligently, you’ll be in full form to create a killer demo tape and begin marketing your services and talents. It is an accurate test of your talent. Don’t let rejections upset you, use them to your benefit and make your work even stronger.

Assess your past work

Do not let your past work weaken you while you play music. Listen to your old music critically. When you leave your music to sit for a considerable time, warts stick out. You can use your old music to improve your music composition.

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