Rihanna – From Struggle to Stardom, the Iconic Star

Do you know who is a true rock star? A person whose life continues to beat and every time succeed to stand up and be like “try me” again. A self-made woman, Rihanna is the true shining star, but she had a life journey that broke our hearts into pieces but also a great source of inspiration and great respect for her.

Read on to know about the journey of the iconic artist, Rihanna!

The childhood of Rihanna

The original name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. As opposed to today’s fireball of fierce energy and confidence, she was quite shy as a kid. She was a kind of shy girl who has the talent to stun everyone at the shows. It was the school talent show stage where Rihanna’s experience with music started.

At her home, the conditions are quite throbbing for Rihanna. She lived with an abusive father and when she was just 14, her parents divorced. She has no support, so Rihanna learned to look after everything on her own from the beginning. In an interview, Rihanna said, “I always kept everything inside and never expressed anything about how I felt. I would go to school but you will not know something was wrong with me”. Besides, she fought the financial crisis in her teenage years.

The thing that kept Rihanna moving forwards and upwards is Music

Often, we require a vent in many instances in our lives, something that is both a safe place and an escape from the monotonous life. Rihanna looks for it in music. She recognized her skills earlier and hurried to appear in an audition by Evan Rogers, a well-known Hollywood music producer.

Fortunately, it was a successful audition for Rihanna and she got a chance to work with the producer to record her single. Our rock star was fast to catch the deal with a wide smile. She released ‘Pon de Replay’, her very first track in 2015. The list of hits has this song playing on number two for a long time.

Everyone is well aware of what happened next. The albums of Rihanna became the huge things that everybody would wait for with extreme love and enthusiasm. Her popular hits include Don’t Stop the Music, Hate That I Love You, Work, Umbrella, diamonds, S&M, Only Girl in the World, and We Found Love.


From struggle to Stardom–Rihanna and her glory!

What is the net worth of Rihanna? It is one of the most common questions on Google about her. Forbes declared her wealth amount to $600 million, which makes her today’s richest female singer. She has been persistently working over the years, releasing albums one after the other and discovering various things, including entrepreneurship.

Barbados, the hometown of Rihanna, has officially announced February 21st as the National ‘Rihanna Day’ to honor her. Besides being the first leading black woman who successfully reaches the Vogue cover, she is also titled the Richest Female Singer and Sexiest Woman Alive out there.

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  1. Barbados, being a country, cannot be Rihanna’s “hometown,” though it can be her “native country” or “birthplace.”

    Other than that, a beautiful tribute!

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