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Vieuxtemps Guarneri – Being The Most Expensive Violin!

The 17th-century ‘Vieuxtemps Guarneri’, now the world’s most famous and expensive violin. It is in amazing condition given it has been around for almost all of its life. Terry Borman once introduced the piece’s most famous owner in this excerpt from his first of a 2 divisional essay.

Vieuxtemps Guarneri – The Background

When the memorial journey of the late Henri Vieuxtemps commenced, the little Belgian town of Verviers had become the focus of European interest. Hundreds of condolences had flocked to the rail station since the day, as per local sources, to observe the funeral of the classical singer who just had a profound influence on European musical career. Vieuxtemps rose to prominence as a brilliant student, also as a composer, then lastly as the century’s leading violin performer.

An image of the ceremony, captured from a high vantage point, shows the roadway swarmed with onlookers as the horse-drawn procession transports the recently departed Vieuxtemps’ ashes. Henri Vieuxtemps regarded this Vieuxtemps Guarneri in such high regard.

Great Love For The Violin

In a letter to a friend, Henri Vieuxtemps has written meaning that his violin may cost dearly to buy but suggested it is worthy to do so as his violin was a unique pearl. But later, his words came to fruition. Besides providing information on the cross structure, design, and finish, as well as audio analysis, we had observed how prophetic his statement was.

Despite all the evidence, the Vieuxtemps Guarneri violin persists. It was something that everyone desired. However, nobody could have it indefinitely. For all existence, the violin, like music, lives outside of time. Its worth is incalculable. Its sound is timeless.

Vieuxtemps Guarneri – The Unique Violin

The Vieuxtemps Guarneri is indeed a violin which is 270 years old, which means aged than the United States. It was just sold for an astounding $16 million, making it the world’s most valuable violin. The antique violin was secretly gifted to Anne Akiko Meyers, a well-known violinist on contract for the longest time by its owner.

Meyers appeared in NPR’s offices with a popular show with guest presenter Linda Wertheimer. She showcased the ancient instrument’s distinct character and the incredible range of color it can generate. We call the violin for its most renowned possessor, Henri Vieuxtemps.

The Soul Of Vieuxtemps

Meyers and indeed the violin was featured on the Vivaldi album, The Four Seasons. Vieuxtemps Guarneri is undoubtedly one among the classic instruments of today. For the same reason, we could see it being at such a high-pricey violin. There have been long-old tales about Old is Gold, yet this classic piece has proven it many times.

Perhaps we may even not recognize who is the richest violinist, but not the violin itself. But, there should be a huge reason behind every single cherishable musical piece.

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