What Makes a Violin Player Great?


For anyone to win the title of best violin player in the World, they have to have a wide repertoire of great music. The most talented violinists have their own styles. They are not just the same violin playing techniques over again. For the violin players with varied styles, it would not be possible to play a well-crafted piece like Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony for the audience. Therefore, we need to know what makes a violin player great.

Without doubt, without fear of a false claim, I say it is very easy to say that this person will never be the best violin player in the World. This is because it is essentially impossible to ever be the best and only violin player in the World. There may be 5,000 or even more people who are equally technically skilled at playing it to be indistinguishable from all others but there may only be a handful of violin players who can perform that same piece without a hitch to all audience members except maybe for some violin students who are known to do so. In this regard, violin players who play different musical pieces with different styles are not the same.

When we talk about violinists, we need to realize that there are many factors that make up a violin player’s talent. These factors include their body size, their physical and vocal skills, their dexterity on the violin and a lot of other factors.

 Height of the Violin Player

The height of the violin player is one factor that has a big influence on how they can play. When the violin player is tall, it would be easier for him to hear his notes clearly and play the right part to perfection. This does not mean that all tall violin players can play the same difficult piece. It means that some have an advantage compared to the others because they can see clearly in front of them.

Another thing is the physical body of a violin player. Most of them are overweight and this would result in problems when it comes to their range of movement. If they are not muscular enough to move smoothly, they cannot reach a wide range of notes with precision.

Another factor is the player’s hand position. Most violin players with long fingers tend to play the higher notes while the short fingers prefer playing the lower notes. Other players prefer to use their right hand to play the higher notes while left hand players usually play the lower notes. All this depends on the player’s preference and the strength of his or her finger strength.

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