What options are there in the musical field of work?

By learning a musical instrument, your child receives a series of benefits on a physical, intellectual, social and emotional level, extremely useful and necessary for their comprehensive training.

For example, on a physical level:

Improve your body control. 

His reflexes sharpen.

Their motor skills are developed to the maximum .

Other benefits of learning a musical instrument are related to your intellect.

For example:

The development of language.

Memory strengthening.

Ease of learning languages ​​(since it develops their hearing capacity),  among others.

And what about the benefits on a social and emotional level:

Encourage teamwork.

Strengthens qualities, such as patience and empathy.

He becomes recursive to express his thoughts and emotions.

Create connections and social links with ease,  etc.

As you can see, there is a gold mine in music, when talking about useful tools for your little one, not only now, but for life.

One of them is the range of possibilities that open up in the labor field.

Just imagine that your son can dedicate himself, professionally, to his passion: music.

Nothing better than your little one having the opportunity to enjoy their work, doing what they love.

Do you have doubts about the number of opportunities or job positions that your son could access, if he decides to dedicate himself to music as a profession?

Next, I will tell you about some of the options in the musical field that your child can aspire to.

You will be surprised by the number of alternatives available.

Orchestra director

Being a conductor is one of the most representative and outstanding options in the labor field of music.

A conductor, in addition to having great knowledge and skills in his area, is a leader.

As an authority figure, he is in charge of coordinating the entire orchestra and is also responsible for the final work, because he represents the team.

He also chooses the repertoire, organizes the rehearsals and defines the order of each presentation.

So, if your little musician is a born leader, you may be facing a future conductor.

Music composer

This is a very interesting branch in the labor field of this beautiful art.

A composer is dedicated to creating music: he is in charge of making the harmony, melody and rhythm, which will later have many applications.

Among some that I can mention, are:

Music composer for films (soundtrack).

Composer of advertising jingles, and tc.

If, in addition to composing, there is the ability to write (author), the picture is even better.

Those who dedicate themselves, both to composing music and to writing the lyrics of their songs, are known as singer-songwriters.

This is another of the work activities that can be accessed, in the field of music.

musical instrument maker

Another of the job facets of music is making musical instruments.

If your child is passionate about music, likes to investigate, learn about instruments and is also very detailed, being a musical instrument maker could be an excellent activity for him/her.

Whether at the artisanal or industrial level, the making of musical instruments is a creative process for a musician with a good ear and, of course, with excellent taste.

In addition, it is a profession that is perfectly combined with business administration and marketing, activities aimed at positioning and growing a brand.

Music teacher

Definitely, this noble profession leaves a positive mark on the lives of many people.

With solid knowledge in the field (theory and practice), accompanied by excellent pedagogy and good use of technology, a musician can dedicate himself to transmitting his knowledge to other people.

A music teacher can work at a private level, or also work in educational institutions (schools, music academies, colleges, or universities).

You can teach music classes, in general, or your specialization instrument.

Have you stopped to think about all these options that your child could access, in his future, when learning a musical instrument?

Well, I have good news for you:

There are many more opportunities!

Just to mention a few options, which are also available:

Owner/director of a music academy: open  a music school and lead a work team, oriented towards music education.

Music blogger, or columnist for music magazines: be a communicator specialized in topics related to music, in a variety of spaces (blogs, magazines, newspapers, podcasts) and for all audiences.

Musical manager: be a representative of musicians and promote artist careers.

Independent musician: artists who reach every corner with their music. They participate in shows, festivals.

They make a name for themselves in the music industry with their recordings and great talent.

Music Store Owner: Based on his/her knowledge and experience, a musician can open a store of quality instruments and items, selecting the best for people who, like him/her, share his/her passion for music.

Really, it is incredible to know that when learning a musical instrument your child has a wide variety of alternatives available to him, when choosing his profession.

I am sure that this information had a positive impact on your perspective on the benefits your child can get from studying music.

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