Which is better: learning to play classical or popular music?

Studying music is one of the best opportunities to expand your knowledge and enhance your skills.

It is a language that helps to reveal, in a unique and beautiful way, your thoughts, feelings and also provides delight like nothing in the world.

Being such a broad art, a diversity of genres or categories emerged, each with its own characteristics and followers.

It is for this reason that, over time, a certain division has been created among those who consider that musical learning is better if it is done only with classical works.

While the other group believes that the best way to learn an instrument is with popular music.

Who is right?

To do this, it is first necessary to know what each genre is about and how it contributes to the formation of a musician.

Classical music

Due to its technical characteristics, classical music is usually defined as the music of cultured tradition.

It is also known as learned or academic music.

Classical music involves all kinds of theoretical, aesthetic and structural considerations and has a long written tradition (its performers study for many years in a conservatory).

Therefore, it does not allow that freedom to improvise, something that popular music does offer.

And of course, the classical genre requires that both its composers and its musicians have a high level of knowledge and performance.

This, without a doubt, is a great advantage for those who consider playing an instrument professionally and specializing.

The popular music

Popular music is one that reaches a large number of people, due to its more accessible and striking compositions.

Among its most outstanding characteristics are the simplicity of its structure, accompanied by a catchy choir and its great reach (massive audience).

In other words, popular music is not identified with specific nations or ethnic groups, but rather has an international character.

Popular music emerged in Europe with the advent of the Industrial Revolution in the 18th century, when improved technology allowed instrument makers to begin mass-producing them and selling them at affordable prices to the middle class.

Some of the most representative genres of popular music are:

Pop: has simple lyrics, with everyday themes and is a highly commercial genre.

El Rock: its very marked rhythm, freedom of composition and, in general, deals with some social or political issue in its lyrics is distinguished.

R&B: genre inspired by gospel and blues. It is characterized by powerful voices and a contagious rhythm.

There are also genres such as Jazz, Rap and electronic music.

Which of the two genres is better?

After reviewing the main features of classical and popular music, we came to the conclusion that the ideal is to learn both, instead of specializing in only one.

In other words, you should not consider them “rivals”, or think that one is better than the other, but rather, it is advisable to take advantage of the contribution of each one, so that your child’s musical training is broad, diverse and complete. .

By learning various musical genres, your child will have that versatility that all good musicians have and that will help them adapt and perform any work or song they need with skill and technique.

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